Our aim is to provide digital services to European institutions

We understand the importance of clear communication and digitalisation, and the vital role they play in empowering European citizens and businesses.


Provide easy access to information about what the EU does


Present this information in a clear and user-friendly way

Translate the needs of our EU clients while keeping the right balance


Reach all different audiences


Our knowledge is based on


our long experience in assisting EU institutions with their digital transformation process

hands together

our partnership between 4 well-known agencies


our collaboration with strong subcontractors

Our in-depth understanding of European communications enables us to act as much more than a digital service provider and to advise EU institutions at any time on the best course of action to take to maximise the impact of their digital communications.
We has the skills, the knowledge and the ambition required to navigate EU projects.

Who are we?

We bring together 3 Brussels based communication agencies ICF Next, ESN, and GOPA, and Ausy as the technical lead. Each partner can boast a strong track record in delivering high-quality services to European institutions, both independently and in different constellations with each other. Moreover, We can rely on flexible support from several subcontractors.

We are there to assist the EU institutions in streamlining their web presence and lifting it to the next level.


Learn more about us:

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